Please read the following information carefully to ensure the best for your child.

Girl in fieldIt is important for your child's safety that you follow these instructions carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury.

Your child will not be put to "sleep" in our office! The purpose of conscious or "awake" sedation is to calm the child and reduce anxieties or discomfort associated with dental treatment. The effect of the sedation is to produce a profound relaxation to facilitate a more pleasant dental experience.

An occasional side effect of sedation can be nausea. It is important to insure that your child has not had food or drink (including water) for four (4) hours prior to scheduled appointment.

The sedative may have some effect for up to six hours following treatment. Arrangements should be made for a responsible adult to supervise the child's activities during this time, as they may be disoriented, clumsy or sleepy. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN TO RETURN YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL. It will be best for your child to have close attention for several hours.


Do not give your child ANY medications before the appointment which may combine with the sedative without checking with one of the doctors first.

If the child is on a regular medication, please inform the office when we confirm your child's appointment.

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