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LOCAL ANESTHESIA If your child has received numbing medication for his/her dental care, the lips/tongue/cheek may be numb for up to two (2) hours afterward. Please observe them carefully and discourage touching, sucking, or chewing on the numb areas. These activities can severely damage the lips; when they are allowed, lips take a week or so to heal. Only very soft foods and liquids are recommended if your child is hungry. After, the two hours have passed, any food except sticky, hard foods are allowable. Youngsters generally do not like the feeling of anesthesia and often tell parents it hurts, but they do not know any other way to express the ballooning, tingly feeling.

DISCOMFORT If your child complains of discomfort after the dental appointment, please give your child Motrin or AdviI (ibuprophen) by weight recommendations on the bottle if your child can tolerate this medication. Otherwise, Tylenol is an acceptable alternative. It may take up to an hour for discomfort to be alleviated after taking the medication. If discomfort is severe orpersists, call our office and a doctor will be paged by the answering service.

FILLINGS OR CROWNS If your child has received fillings or crowns, you can USUALLY expect numb lips. Occasionally, children have gum sensitivity orredness after white fillings or stainless steel crowns are placed. DrizzlingBenadryl elixir on the gum tissue can help alleviate the sensitivity reaction. If necessary, applying the elixir for several days can make your child more comfortable.

NERVE TREATMENTS If your child has had a nerve treatment, please review discomfort instructions, if necessary. Usually, children are more comfortable after nerve treatments than adults are.

SEDATION Your child's "balance" will be "off", so activity should be closely monitored for four (4) hours. For this reason, we advise NOT sending them back to school. Please choose activities which do not require gross motor skills and hold hand. while walking to avoid stumbling or falls. Watching movies, coloring, reading or being read to, etc. are good choices for activities. Do NOT allow your child to overheat.

EXTRACTIONS If your child has had a tooth (or teeth) extracted, they will almost ALWAYS have numb lips. Avoid forceful spitting, use of straws, pacifiers, bottles, and drinking of carbonated or hot beverages as these cause prolonged bleeding and/or pain. Oozing may be normal for a day or two. Cooler, foods are recommended as they help stop oozing, swelling, and pain. Quieter activities without overheating are better for several days if at all possible.

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